About Us


Why Shop with Makooa?
At Makooa we believe every beauty addict should have access to some of the top premium beauty products available. The beauty industry is constantly evolving, and it almost seems like beauty trends and new beauty products are popping up every minute of the day! We know it can be tricky, and overwhelming to keep up with, so we're here to make it simple and easy for you.
Here at Makooa, we don’t really like to follow trends all that much. Don’t get us wrong, some trends can be fun to experiment with! Although when it comes to beauty at Makooa, we only want to have the best of beauty (and none of the fluffy stuff). This means you get to have access to premium products that are tried, tested, used, and loved by us!
Our Mission
Our mission is to provide you with a one-stop shop with hand-picked top performing beauty products that are of great value, enhance your everyday routine and deliver amazing results without ever compromising your skin or ever feel invasive.
We strive for natural beauty here at Makooa! We don’t really care for all the bells and whistles; we just want to have products that are of high quality and do what they claim to do. At Makooa we adore our animals, so it's important that we select brands that are cruelty-free.
We know that customer service is extremely important for most people who shop online, so we promise to deliver exceptional customer service for you. However, customer service doesn't just stop after you make a purchase from Makooa!
We aim to provide beauty tips and tricks along with beauty related tutorials and blogs, so that you'll continue to receive those amazing benefits to make your beauty regime easy and effective (like a true pro)! We strive to create an honest beauty community that will provide you with lifelong benefits across all ages.