About Us


Our Story

Makooa (pronounced Ma-Koo-Ah) was founded in March 2018 by Michael and Sarah. After spending many years working outside in different parts of the world, under the harsh Australian sun, Michael had realised how much he had neglected his skin when he met Sarah (a fully qualified beauty therapist). He was quickly schooled on a proper skincare routine to improve his skin concerns and was thoroughly educated on how to best look after his skin. Michael had always believed Sarah had amazing clear skin all throughout her life, but that wasn't the case. Sarah suffered from acne and eczema in her much younger years until the age of 20 and still till this day suffers from eczema.

After countless skincare and makeup purchases (which Sarah feels like she's tried every product under the sun), Sarah graduated beauty therapy in 2012 and was able to utilise the knowledge she gained through her education and combined that with the experience and knowledge she received from working under various leading cosmetic brands in the past, to help improve and maintain her skin that she has achieved today. Sarah has been and worked in the beauty industry since 2011 covering both retail and skin clinics. She knows skin, makeup and exceptional customer service very well and is extremely passionate about educating both men and women on good skincare.

This led to a mutual interest in educating both men and women to achieve healthier skin and flawless looking makeup that lasts. Michael and Sarah's vision and like minded thinking sparked an idea to create a brand people could trust that offers quality skincare and beauty products, along with free life long beauty tips, tricks and education.

The brand Makooa was then born.

Why Shop With Makooa?

At Makooa we believe every beauty addict should have access to affordable yet luxury beauty. The beauty industry is constantly evolving and it almost seems like beauty trends are popping up every minute of the day! We know it can be tricky to keep up with all these trends and new beauty products, so we're here to make it simple and easy for you by bringing all of it to one place!

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide you with a one-stop shop with hand picked top trending and performing beauty products that will benefit and enhance your everyday routine without ever compromising your skin or ever feel invasive, as we really strive for natural beauty here at Makooa! At Makooa we adore our animals so it's important that we select products that are cruelty-free and also eco-friendly!

We know that customer service is extremely important for most people, so we promise to deliver exceptional customer service for you. However customer service doesn't stop after you make a purchase from Makooa! We aim to constantly provide beauty tips and tricks along with beneficial beauty related tutorials, so that you'll continue to receive those amazing benefits to make your beauty regime easy and effective (like a true pro)! We want to create an honest beauty community that will provide you with life long benefits across all ages.