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Being and working in the beauty industry, I know how important it is to look after my skin. Beauty does go skin deep. We can buy the most luxury and expensive makeup products and yet it still wouldn’t give us a beautiful finish, if we aren’t looking after our skin with a good skin regime!

Clean and clear skin starts with a good cleansing routine for both morning and night. If you have makeup on, it is crucial that you are removing it properly first with amakeup remover.This should be a product that is purely for removing makeup like a good cleansing oil/balm or micellar water to name a few (NO baby/makeup wipes as they do not remove makeup well) This does not mean you should be double cleansing with your daily cleanser to remove your makeup. By doing so, you can potentially strip your skin back too much and can leave your skin feeling tight and dry afterwards. I am a huge fan of using a cleansing oil that emulsifies into a milky consistency to remove my makeup thoroughly. It always leaves my skin feeling soft, supple and nourished. I will then second cleanse (as the cleansing oil was my pre-cleanse step) with asoap and sulphate free gel cleanser that foams up with water. This second cleanse step will ensure that I have removed any excess sebum (oil) and any traces of makeup that may have been left behind. Your second cleanse product should usually be a foaming, gel, cream or a milk cleanser. There are many types of cleansers out there on the market, so make sure you choose one that meets your skin type and condition (refer to previous post “Your Basic Skincare Routine” for the types of cleansers in more detail).

I get asked if its necessary to cleanse both morning and night, rather than just in the evening. My answer is always yes! Think about it, we normally sleep for 6-8 hours a night. During those hours asleep our skin oils are produced while we sleep, sometimes even sweat! Cleansing this all off in the morning will ensure we start the day fresh, free from all those nasty skin oils (sebum), sweat and dead skin that have built up overnight. Your freshly cleansed skin will also allow your serums, creams and oils to absorb properly and further into the skin (as there is no barrier from all that gunk preventing better product absorption)! The key here is to be consistent with your cleansing routine and overall skin regime! Don’t be lazy! Do it a few times and it should just sink in and become natural to do. Remember, sleeping with makeup on will age you much faster! When it comes to skin issues and ageing, prevention is better than cure! Skincare is a ritual, a moment to one’s self to calm the mind and nurture what’s been gifted to you. Your skin is the largest living organ, working hard 24/7 every day and night to protect what’s inside of us. We should be doing the same in return!

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